Target Pistol Coaching Sponsors British Shooting Schools Pistol Championships

by Jim Newsome

Target Pistol Coaching is delighted to announce that it is a sponsor of the 2019/2020 British Shooting Schools Pistol Championships. Alongside The British Pistol Club and GunTrader, I have chosen to support the BSSPC because I believe it is a fantastic opportunity for many young shooters to begin their journey towards full ISSF Olympic pistol shooting.

Traditionally, many young pistol shooters who have started out in Pony Club Tetrathlon or Scouts don't have a clear pathway towards the dedicated pistol disciplines. Many Tetrathletes, for example, migrate towards Modern Pentathlon which makes significant demands on time and resources compared to single sports. Not to mention that the pistol shooting in Modern Pentathlon is a very, very different beast to ISSF shooting.

The British Shooting Schools Pistol Championships gives these young athletes a chance to test themselves against their peers and for many it will be the first time they have done so under (simplified) ISSF rules; 20 shots qualification and a proper Olympic Final to set the hearts racing, in competitors and parents alike. I've seen youngsters come off the firing point from their first Final, having won or lost, with excitement and enthusiasm burning in their eyes. This is where the future generation of Olympic medallists and World Champions begin their journey. Target Pistol Coaching is proud to be a sponsor.

Click for more information on entering the 2019/2020 British Shooting Schools Pistol Championships