Pistol Coaching Services

I work with athletes of all ages and skill levels, from youngsters preparing for their first Pony Club Tetrathlon through to world-class athletes competing at World Cups and beyond. Click for more information on the pistol coaching process.

I limit the number of elite/world class athletes that I work with in each class, i.e. Senior Men, Junior Women, etc. as the commitment to support world class athletes is significant. If you are interested in support at the world class level, please contact me for availability. 

For non-elite level personal coaching or group pistol coaching at all levels, please contact me for availability.


Group coaching sessions are tailored to specific needs, below are example costs:

Item Rates
Pony Club Tetrathlon training – Large Group (4+) e.g. 10 participants in groups of 2, 30 mins each group) £5 per participant per session
Pony Club Tetrathlon training – Small Group (1-4) e.g. 2 participants, 30 mins session £5 per participant per 30 minute session
ISSF training (e.g. group of 4-6 athletes for 2-4 hours, depending on experience, fitness, skill level, etc.) £30 per person per session


Item Rates
Grip work. Customisation of target pistol grips to fit the individual’s hand – n.b. multiple sessions are likely to be needed. Cost includes materials. £30 per hour (Included for TPC clients)
Mileage (charged if total travel distance > 50 miles) £0.45 per mile

Please note, athletes are responsible for all range fees.