2019-2020 Pistol Shooting Calendar

by Jim Newsome

[UPDATE v1.3 - 07/11/2019 - NSRA Pistol Meeting & Junior International confirmed]

Putting together the coming season's shooting calendar is always a chore, but an important one, especially when preparing training plans and identifying targeted competitions. In previous years I have relied upon the excellent work of the British Pistol Club and the shooting calendar they produce in PDF format, then putting all the entries into a digital calendar. This year I thought I would share the digital calendar to spare anyone else the pain of trawling obscure European shooting federation websites...

This version:

  • Covers all British Shooting selection matches, domestic and international, based on the latest published selection policy. I will update when and if the policy is published
  • Covers other competitions of interest to UK pistol shooters, e.g. the monthly BPC matches
  • Links to the relevant federation, competition website, etc. where information has been published. The links are in each description.
  • Runs to the end of the Paralympics and the BPC match on 6th September 2020

The calendar can be downloaded as a cross-platform iCalendar (.ics) and imported into your own calendar app:

TPC 2019 2020 Pistol Shooting Calendar (ver 1.3)

(v1.3 Published 07/11/2019)

Or you can

View the calendar online

Please let me know if there are any corrections or additions.